Save Your Valuable Time

We can work as a full service accountant for your books at a fraction of the cost of an employee. When we maintain your books, it is easier for us to identify opportunities for more effective tax planning, improved internal control and other areas that can help your business thrive. Our quality work will relieve you from the accounting stress so you can focus all your efforts on running your business. We provided preparation,Review,attestation and compliance requirements to suit various business and industry requirements.

Why You need our services?

Are you too busy to take care of your books? Or simply need some help to maintain books for your businesses?
Let us assist you with your bookkeeping needs.

Why should you use a good bookkeeper?

There are many bookkeeping service providers on the market, but not all bookkeepers are equal. If the books were done by an unqualified person, it could easily end up costing you a lot more later when it needs to be fixed for various purposes, e.g. taxes, financing, business valuation. As Accountant and tax professional, we will maintain your books in good shape. Well-kept books not only help businesses comply with tax laws and support their positions in the event of an audit, but also help business owners gain insights on the company’s operations and make sound decisions.

Why should you use a CPA for bookkeeping?

You may ask why I should choose a CPA firm to do my books over other bookkeepers? Well, the answer is simple but probably not well known by a lot of people. CPAs are designated experts on accounting and only CPAs can sign on financial statements. This is especially important when you need to present your company financials for a loan or for other purposes.

What bookkeeping services does Enkay offer?

We provide quality and cost effective bookkeeping solutions to small to medium size businesses. We provide adhoc as wells as monthly upto date P&L and balance sheets information to meet your needs.