Tax Return Filing Individual Pricing: Federal & State Package

Amount $Details
$1501040 Federal, One State, Interest and Dividend
$1501040 Federal, One State , Interest, Dividend, Mortgage and Property tax.
$1751040 Federal, One State,  Interest, Dividend, Mortgage, Property tax & 1stock statement
$1501040NR Non-Resident return

Additional Common Schedules:

Amount $Details
$40Additional State filing (One State included in the above package)
$75Local City and School District filing( Ex: Philadelphia)
$25-$75Schedule D Stock Transactions (depending on number of transactions)
$50Schedule E – K1 income from Corporation or Partnership
$251098T Tuition Credit
$25IRA Reporting Form 8606
$75ITIN Application for Each Applicant.
$75Schedule E – Rental Property ( for each rental property)
$60Form 1116 – Foreign Tax Credits and Carryover
$25Other Credits
$200Schedule C – Self Employment Income – 1099-M – Sole proprietors.
$50 -$150 +FBAR and FATCA Filing ($10 per account, Minimum fee $50)
$125Sale of Property

Additional Schedules

Amount $Details
$1401040X Amended tax return
$125Form 843 for requesting Medicare and Social Security Refund or penalty abatement
$125Form 8316 for requesting Social Security Tax Refund
$125Form 8833 Treaty based position
$60Schedule H Nanny tax form
$185Form 2555 for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Tax Return Filing Business


Amount $Details
$5001065,1120,1120 S Business Return Simple with Franchise filing with one state
$8001065,1120,1120 S Business Return Comples with Franchise filing with One state
$25K1 generation Additional copies
$1008824 Like Kind exchange
$100Uncaptured Section 1250 Gain
$50Forms 4562,8949,4797 ,4684

Payroll Services

Amount $Details
$150Initial Setup Fee
$20Pay cycle per Employee
$50State Workforce account registration  + charges paid to state
$251099 Per contractor
$25941 Filing per quarter
$50940 and W2 Generation and filing  

Accounting Services /Miscellaneous services

Amount $ Details
$150 Initial Setup Fee
$50 Bookkeeping entries up to 50 per month
$75 Bookkeeping entries up to 100 per month
$150 Bookkeeping entries up to 500 per month
$100 Additional attestation support
$100 Consulting fess
$175 Comfort Letters /Accredited Letters
$500 Annual Consulting fee